Monday, September 27, 2004

London Update

Now, this is a wild card. There seems to be some issue with my email and I seem to have missed getting an email that London Business School sent out a few weeks ago. So, their school term has started and the waitlist has been officially closed. I expected to get an email regarding this, but didn't. Another waitlisted applicant told me that he had received one, so after waiting for a few weeks I picked up the phone and talked to the good folks on the other side of the pond. Turns out that the waitlist has indeed been closed, BUT they will have another review in the coming weeks when they can get all their officers together to make a few early offers to the candidates on the WL. If they don't, then they ask for a reapplication if interested - but one can reuse the recommendations and transcripts from the previous year. This simplifies things a lot. That is one less school for my recommenders to worry about, and it is a kinda pain in the u-know-where because LBS requires paper recommendations. So, all I need to really do is write 3 essays, and maybe get my recommenders to write a little update.

But again ... I may not need to do any of this because I may be accepted before that ... Hope springs eternal :-)


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