Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Finding Inspiration

Ah, serendipity.

It's been a routine day. Slept late, woke up late, scrambled to get to work, busy busy all day, and after finishing up work, some essay writing. This is not an optimal way to work on essays, but when you're talking days to the deadline, gotta go what you gotta do. After working at my desk for an hour trying to tell yet another story, I realized that I had to have a chat with one of my recommenders. Walked over to her office, and we set up a lunch to go over some details etc. As I was walking out, I noticed a sheet of paper scotch-taped on her door. Turns out it was her daughter's application essay to college. I'll just say, if I had a kid who wrote like that, I'd put it up in my office too. I stood there for several minutes reading and re-reading the piece of work. It was beautiful. I'm feeling inspired right now. Not in an if-she-can-do-it-so-can-I way, more like this-is-way-too-cool.

OK, back to essays.


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