Friday, September 17, 2004

Fall Preview (both mine and Chicago's)

A note of thanks to Byron, for pointing me to the Fall Preview at Chicago and also letting me know that it was very helpful in his own decision making process about the school. I've decided to make my way to the windy city October 15-16 and have just signed up for my interview. Yippee ! Tickets/Hotels can only be confirmed monday since I'm not sure if I'll get to take the friday off. It's very cool that Chicago has a schedule that does allow for one to get something out of it (and interview) even if they only get there saturday.

Also, since I'm applying to both the Bay Area schools, I'm going to try and take two days off in a week or two to go visit them too. I have one problem with Berkeley. By explicitly asking people if they've visited the school as part of an essay question, they do - even if they claim to the contrary - put applicants at a disadvantage if they don't visit. Actually, Jett almost said the same when I asked him - they actually EXPECT all close-to-west-coast applicants to visit. It does definitely 'help' if you've made the trek cross-country or cross-continent. I did suggest during the InfoSession that they consider removing that part of the question. For now, given how competitive this process is, I'll take any little advantage I can give myself.

On a funnier note, I am inadvertently invoking one of my 'jinxes' from last year. I had this thing that every school I visited I was rejected. Happened with Tuck, Kellogg, H and MIT. Then I applied 3rd round without visiting Wharton or London. Got interview calls from both. I went to interview at Wharton on campus but did an alum interview for London. Rejected from Wharton but waitlisted at London. I was invited to their Admit Weekend and I went - as a waitlist waiting for a positive reaction - and got dinged.

This time around, I'd have visited every school I'm applying to - even before I submit an application ;-)

Hope y'all have a good weekend. I'm walking 26.2 miles to raise funds for The Jimmy Fund on Sunday. Wish me not-too-tired feet.



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