Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Aw C'mon Stanford !

I am mucho pissed right now.

Long day already at work, and some more work's gonna keep me up late. But I got my boss to say OK to my taking a couple of days off to go west to visit schools, and it seems like I might be twiddling my thumbs (for at least one day) when I get there. I've visited some schools over the past year and I must say Stanford seems to take pains to make it real hard to get in to even see the place, let alone be accepted :) I'm sorry, that's harsh, but they do make it complicated.

Every single thing that they have planned for their Class Visit program needs a separate appointment, including lunch with a student, where you are reminded to "Please understand that you will be responsible for the cost of your own lunch.", and the "free" one-hour campus tour ! I want to go in three weeks time and at this point the only thing I can get into is the InfoSession. Sucks big-time.

Now, I understand that they are a small school and everything, but so is Berkeley. I'm planning to visit that school also during the same trip, and they have a lunch+tour+infosession, all requiring no appointments. Just show up and you're accomodated. If you do want to attend a class, they have a class schedule posted online and ask that you pick a class and let them know 72 hours in advance so that they can accomodate you.

And then there is Sloan. They have the Ambassador program, that you sign-up for, but get half-a-day planned for you with the one single registration. Oh, and the lunch is free. Tuck and Yale, also small schools, ensured that if you took the time, effort and expense to come visit, you got to have lunch with a student and sit in a class. At Kellogg and Wharton, you are given the schedule of all classes for the day, and you can pick the classes you want to sit in on. And you can do a couple of classes if you are so inclined. Every time you visit. Unlike Stanford which also restricts you to one class per quarter.

I know I'm ranting here. I understand they must have a ton of demand for class visits and they are all taken pretty much early. But, if I have to travel across the country to get there, I can only plan so much in advance right. It's not like I can take a few hours off and drive down.
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