Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Making a Commitment

The gaze was unmistakably serious.

"yogi, if we want this to go any further, you need to make a commitment".

no, it wasn't a girl (though I suspect I WILL need to be asked that question if it ever came to that ;-). i was just over at the home of the engineering big-guy of a startup-in-the-works. i have been talking to him and another person in his team about helping them build the technology prototypes for a product they are pitching to venture capitalists. it seems like we have a decent idea for what we want to develop initially, and we are now going to have something working in the next few months. this is in addition to my day job. life is getting busy.

at work, i was given an option to work on a new project - actually, the manager wants me to work with him, which in corporate-speak means i really don't have many options unless i want to piss off some folks - and after mulling it over, i have decided to make the commitment to learn a new platform, a new product and a new role as a project lead. it is going to be a steep learning curve, but i guess i need something more challenging that what i have been doing upto this point.

and last week i made the commitment to walk in a 26.2 mile fundraising walk for cancer patients. now, while it is nowhere as strenuous as actually running a marathon, it is still no walk in the park. so, i've been waking up at 6 am three times a week going for 6 mile walks along the river to 'train'. i figure this is also a good motivation for me to get prepared to do something i've always wanted to do - but have been postponing making up various reasons. I'm thinking of going to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro once my R1 applications are submitted - sometime late october if i go alone, or over thanksgiving if a friend who also wants to go can make it. i hope i can go.

in the midst of all the things going on in my life, i have not made any progress on my application essays. this is sad. i need to make the commitment to myself to find the time and dedication to prepare good applications in time this time around. i will be starting in right earnest later this week. i think i am going to talk to a couple of admission consultants to validate my thoughts and approaches and see if taking their help is going to be useful.

the one real regret i have about my application process last time is that i put a lot of things on hold while i worked/thought about schools. granted, it does take a lot of effort and work pressures were enormous to boot, but i think i expected some sort of finality to my life as it was once i went to b-school and a fresh beginning after that. i have come to see the foolishness of that thought process after the results are in. this time around, i will continue to do the things i want to do in addition to applying to b-school. it will definitely make things harder, but if I don't then i am doing myself a disservice.
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