Monday, August 23, 2004

Columbia, when will I see you next ?

Yesterday, I registered for a Columbia event in Boston sometime in September. I was in a hurry and didn't put it in my calendar. So, today I open up the confirmation email for the registration and something's amiss:

Dear Yogi,
You are registered for this event:

Boston Reception

Event Location:
Columbia Management Group
100 Federal Street, 2nd Floor
Long Lane Room
Boston, MA 02110
Guests: 0

For More Information/Event Coordinator:

There is no event date in the confirmation !! To add to the mystery, there is no link to the events page from the email, just another email address to contact. Now, I (and presumably others who register) have to go back to their website and navigate their links to get to the event date.

I wish they'd just add the date of the event to the email they send out. Just a matter of some simple code. Would've saved me some work and a blog entry :)

But, I still like you C, and hope to see you sometime(still haven't checked the webpage for the exact date) in September.


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