Monday, August 30, 2004

Columbia : Slow Progress

I'm slipping on my deadlines here. Wanted to have good first drafts of C done by yesterday but I'm not there yet. Variety of reasons, the biggest of which was an unexpectedly long time spent moving rooms and cleaning up the house. The positives are that all the thinking I'm doing has me sharpening my post-MBA career goals, finalizing an essay topic for the Haas 'who do you admire '-type question, and finding what I think is my 'what matters most' theme, again leading off of one of the Columbia questions. It's funny how the mind has a tendency to wander off in these odd directions, something about the circuits in our brains finding links to related information, I guess. I have to be careful not to digress from the task at hand, while at the same time allowing for some amount of free form thinking. Towards that end, I walk around now with a little 'moleskine' (my little allowance for doing things in style :-) notebook so I can jot down interesting thoughts and revisit them later.


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