Monday, July 19, 2004


my apologies for the long absence. the latest news from LBS is that there is no new news. the next waitlist review will be held on the 26th. i think this is the end of this quest. at this stage of the WL, the only way to get off it is for someone who has accepted a place at LBS backing out of the commitment. a slim chance, and something I couldn't wish upon anyone.

i have been dealing with a lot of work related issues the past couple of weeks. it seems like i may have to look for a new job, either within the company, if possible, or outside. so, this has kept me occupied for the most part. i must admit that the 'what-if' thoughts have crossed my mind almost every day. it would have been perfect if i had an admit, this is just about the perfect time to quit my job. but no worries, i'll probably move on to better things.

i have also been doing some serious thinking about reapplication. an interesting scenario is developing where someone I know is most likely going back to Bangalore to start the Indian operations of a US-based startup. He has asked if I would like to move back to India also and be one of the first employees. It is an extremely enticing plan of action to consider, since my goal is to be an entrepreneur. And this could be a great learning experience in the right direction.

I have thought about this a lot and put this in perspective of what I really want to do longer-term. I want to start and run companies. My current skill sets will make it almost impossible for me to venture outside of a small niche domain in technology. So, if I wanted to start a chain of coffee-stores or a theme-park, for instance, it's going to be a really uphill climb. I really think an MBA is the best move for me right now. (why ? why now ? - it's 3 AM, i've just driven back from new york, and i've written way too many of those essays to even attempt to answer that right now :)

So, the decision has been made. If the miracle from LBS does not materialize, it will be back to essay writing for me pretty soon. This time though, my top schools will receive my applications Round 1, my recommenders will get ample time to draft their recos, and I will NOT, absolutely NOT, wait until the looming deadline to finish up my essays. No Siree Bob. The Yogi will be in his element. (that's actually pretty funny 'coz I drive an Element, so technically i am in my Element everyday :-), but I digress. wait ... can I digress from inside parantheses ? hmm.)

Now, for the schools. I have given some serious thought to that too. Reflecting back on the past six or so months, I realize that my goals for what I want out of an MBA program have been, for lack of a better term, refined. Consequently, I now realize that some of the choices I made weren't really the best ones for me.

Tuck, for one, is out.
I'm no superstar, so I don't think I'll waste my energies on applying to HBS again.
Sloan is funny. I was told that it was my best chance, that it would fit me very well, etc, but the lack of even an interview invite makes me think again. Almost every indian and chinese engineer is presumably given similar advice, and the competition is probably hardest for these demographics at Sloan. I thought I did a good job on my app too. well, some more thinking required there.
Kellogg - haven't given this any thought yet.
Wharton/LBS - YES !

I'm pretty sure that I am going to apply to Haas. The one other school that I have been researching a lot and am very pleasantly surprised by what it has to offer is Columbia. The MBA Entrepreneurship program, and the resources of the Lang Center are very interesting. I should talk to some Columbia students/alums and will probably visit the school once they start their class-visit type program. I also met yesterday with a current Insead student and his friend who's going to Darden this fall. Should talk with them to get more info. I considered and then dropped Insead mainly because it is extremely difficult to land jobs in the US, especially in industry, which my friend also re-iterated. Darden - quite honestly, I know very little about the school.

Finally, my sincere thanks to everyone who reads my blog, has left comments of support, and sent me emails. The application process can get quite lonely at times, and it is great to be plugged into a community that's going through something similar. I have read and re-read what you've had to say on the days I needed them. It has been a pleasure to follow the stories of all the fellow (as used in reference to the application process, not the end-result :) class of 2006 bloggers. My best wishes to all of you as you head to pre-terms and orientations.

So, is this the end of this blog ?

I think not. Much as it hurts to change the blog from an MBA application blog to an MBA re-application blog, I'm going to do it. A post someday in January announcing my admittance should wipe out all the bad memories ;-)

And, I just checked and my first entry on my blog was on Oct 19th, 2003. wow - 9 months to the date ! time does fly. and talking of time, it is 4:21 AM. I should really get to bed. Monday morning is right around the corner.

Buenas Noches.


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