Thursday, June 17, 2004

why me ?

I came across this article on BusinessWeek just now. I could not get myself to read past the first few lines. It obviously talks about how great a year this has been for MBA applicants. I got a feeling of utter failure when I started to read. What does it say about my candidacy that I do not even get a consideration in what is a 'lean' year. Not good things. And that's the naked truth, as much as it hurts.

There are also times when I feel like I'm not doing this alone, there's someone looking over my shoulder - trying to screw things up, for the most part. I just got signed up for a very important customer meeting next month. And guess what - it overlaps my Wharton feedback session !!! i kid you not ! c'mon man, give me a break.

Called W and the first message I get is that these sessions are first come, first serve. So, after nervously waiting to be connected to a voice and explaining my situation, was able to get it postponed to the end of july. phew.


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