Monday, June 21, 2004

we're going to space !

A few hours ago, history of sorts was created. A privately built spacecraft entered space for the first ever time. SpaceShipOne, a craft funded mainly by Paul Allen, was piloted by Mike Melvill, who's now the first non-govenmental astronaut. This is probably as big as Kitty Hawk. Wow.

The catalyst for this is undoubtedly the Ansari X-prize. It's a $10 million prize for the first private team to fly 3 people (or equivant in weight) into space, roughly defined as an altitude of around 62.5 miles, make it back safely, and do it again within 14 days. This flight doesn't count towards the prize since Melvill flew alone, but they have said that they will try to win the prize sometime this summer.

There's an interesting blog to follow the X-prize, for those interested.

Way to go, guys. Mucho Congratulations.


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