Tuesday, June 01, 2004


That's the title of a book I like, by Ha Jin. It's a story about a chinese guy who works in the city, has a wife in his village and a paramour. Every year, he returns to the village intending to divorce his wife so that he can marry his girlfriend in the city. Every year the judge denies his request. And every year he looks forward to the vacations next year to do the deed. Waiting, it's hard to do.

Right now, I feel sorta like the main character in that story. Being on the waitlist is no fun. First up, there is no end date in sight. You could get off it today. Or maybe tomorrow. Or the month after. Secondly, the lack of concrete information as to what's going on with your application. Has it been reviewed once already ? has it not ? I am reduced to checking my email every morning hoping that an update could come my way with some sort of information. On seeing the empty inbox, i get back to my work and look forward to the next morning so I can check my inbox again. Waiting, it's hard to do.
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