Monday, June 07, 2004

Slow Days

excrutiatingly slow. my workplace just had some senior management personnel changes and the future's extremely fuzzy. so, i'm surrounded by an apprehensive workforce that's keeping to itself pondering what the future's going to bring.

on my London front, i'm doing the same. i'm still on the waitlist after a review last week. i asked for any specifics that they need addressed and no word yet. am working on getting an extra recommendation in. was talking with friends about a vacation later this summer but i can't commit to anything because of the uncertaininty of it all.

signed up for a feedback session at Wharton. it's going to be on july 12 and it's about 15 minutes, though they say it'll be done in 10. am looking forward to hearing why they think my candidacy wasn't worth admittance.


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