Friday, June 04, 2004

PowerYogi does PowerYoga

What's a Yogi's blog without a Yogi joke ? Saw this one posted at my gym this evening:

A Yogi walks up to the pizza counter and the vendor asks him what he wants.
"Make me one with everything", said the Yogi.
When it was time to pay, the Yogi gave the vendor a $20 bill, but the vendor just smiled. Infuriated, the Yogi demanded his change.
"Change comes from within", said the vendor.

I'm on a getting-back-in-shape quest, and this week (the first :) has been a success. Played squash on tuesday and thursday, plus some stationary bike. And I'm just back from an invigorating session of Power Vinayasa Yoga. It wasn't as strenuous as the PowerYoga sessions I used to go to, and a good way to ease back into the habit. My teacher was pretty good. She has a 6:30 AM class tuesdays and that's on my to-do list, but it's going to be a stretch. Pun intended.



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