Thursday, June 17, 2004


As promised, I will start to post some of my essays, starting tonite. But, it's somehow not an easy decision to post these. In some sense, I am exposing myself to the world, open to a stranger's amusement, derision, or maybe understanding. I'm doing it in the hope that future applicants might find them useful. I really wished I had some real essays to read just as a reference when I was applying. And don't forget to check out an earlier post of mine where I've collated essays from Chunky, 3app and Peter. Thanks guys, again, for sharing your work.

Since there is an overlap of application essays across schools, I will not post all iterations of them. I will post a couple from Tuck that I spent a lot of time thinking about, and maybe some from other schools.

What I also want to do is post my entire Wharton set, and hopefully I can get some feedback from some of the admitted students. I'll then post the feedback I get from Wharton. I actually think this could prove useful for potential applicants - more as a what not to do, what to focus on, how the adcom's look at things, etc.

VI asked me in an email if it's a good idea to put these in the public domain, especially if I am going to use them again next year to reapply. Good question, one that I don't know the answer for. And I'm not sure I'd care much for a school that would think it matters.


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