Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Conversations with Dad

I spoke with my dad yesterday. And realized that I've not been talking with him as much as I should. There's something about parents that I don't think I'll understand unless I have kids myself. How can they be your greatest critics and greatest supporters at the same time. How do they find the capacity for so much love, even though you don't seem to respond in kind at times. How do they always manage to say the right things to lift you from the depths of despair.

Last night we were talking about the LBS waitlist and all the dings and my dad repeated the mantra he's told us countless times growing up - everything happens for your own good.

really ? i ask him. what good is it that i'm sweating it out instead of having an admit now.
well, it's quite simple isn't it. you didn't really do things the right way, and put things off to the last minute, as usual.

He then reminded me of a conversation we had after my Tuck ding, my first.

Son, i know it must feel awful, but look at the brighter side of things.
the brighter side ?
Yes. The result's announced today. when was it actually due ?
not until a few weeks
When is your Wharton application due ?
next week
So, think of it this way - you thought you were a great candidate. now you've been given a realistic assessment of your application and time to correct it before you submit your next application.

I must say he was very disappointed at the Wharton result, He was really hoping I'd make it, especially after the interview invite and visiting school etc. His take after absorbing the news - this is for your own good. sometimes, you need to be shown the great things that you aren't a part of, so you strive harder to achieve them.

karmanye vadhika raste maa faleshu kadacha na, he reminded me last night. Perform the right action without hungering for the fruits.

And everything will happen for your own good.

Thanks Dad.


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