Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Conspiracy Theory ?

Some more Euro action.

One of the first questions Swedish coach Tommy Soderberg was asked at a press conference after their game with Italy last week was if they would strike a deal with Denmark to tie their game 2-2. Italy was to play Bulgaria and Denmark take on Sweden in the final games of group C. Even if Italy was to beat Bulgaria, a 2-2 tie would send both Sweden and Denmark to the quarterfinals on goal differentials, thereby eliminating Italy.

The matches ended a few minutes ago. Guess what ? Italy did beat Bulgaria 2-1 and Denmark-Sweden - you guessed it - a 2-2 draw ! Sweden actually equalized with just a minute to go in the game. You can bet the Italians are going to be up in arms at this seemingly apparent collusion between the scandinavian neighbors. Italian television was actually given permission to install two extra cameras behind the goals to catch any game-fixing on tape !

ridiculous ? well, wars have been fought over a game of soccer ;-)
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