Monday, May 03, 2004

Who is Yogi ?

According to Googlism, among other things, :

yogi is me
yogi is a wanted dog
yogi is need of a loving home in ny
yogi is hard to find
yogi is 10 and half months old now
yogi is perhaps one of the most quoted personalities of our time
yogi is not an ordinary book
yogi is thought to have made this statement to his wife one morning after a hard twilight doubleheader
yogi is smarter than the average bear
yogi is competent enough to guide the whole humanity towards the ultimate goal of life
yogi is hibernating
yogi is expected to be available on the company's web site this month
yogi is the result of the evaporation of surface water deposited by ancient floods
yogi is one bear that i kinda like
yogi is about a meter in diameter
yogi is a person of high spritual stature but he or she is definitely a work in progress
yogi is not a funny guy
yogi is not only the fountain of knowledge and discipline but also is someone we trust
yogi is still a little confused in his new surroundings
yogi is the first mars rock confirmed to have a basaltic composition



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