Monday, May 03, 2004

Wharton & London non-updates

My London alumni interviewer has not gotten back to me yet. Sent him a friendly reminder email and still no news. If I don't hear from him by this PM, I have to get back to the LBS folks and see what's going on.

And, on the Wharton front, it's waiting time, which isn't helped by the fact that there is no news out of Huntsman about the status of # of seats still open after the R1/R2 acceptance deadlines have passed. Here's a post on s2s from TanniaH :

Sorry - in this situation, the adcomm has decided that additional information would do more harm than good. If you think there is only one spot left, versus 100 spots, you'll spend the next few weeks figuring out the odds for the whole pool, which really doens't tell you anything about your own chances.

Believe me, I know this is a really tough thing to swallow, but trust that this is better for all involved.

I must say I don't understand this at all. We know that there were 67 acceptances last year (R3+WL). Now, if there are more seats open than that, or even the same, I would think it would be a good thing for people to know. The only 'harm' at this stage would be news that all seats are filled up or that they have very very few.

I do admire very much the unparalleled openness of Wharton's admission process, and this unusual language suggests (to the pessimist in me) that some bad news is on its way and they are looking for a decent way to break it. But, I would be very glad to be proven wrong :-)


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