Friday, May 14, 2004

spoke too soon !

Waitlist !!

finally, not a rejection ! that feels great, though an admit would have been better.

and, the end is not near. not by a long shot. the applications get reviewed again on May 31, and June 25. If you are still on the waitlist, they get reviewed all the way upto september. Or you can be taken out anytime before that. Apparently, they usually have good movement off these lists. Given that they still have another round of admissions, there are still seats open. alright ... i am an optimist, but i have to be !

i can't help smile thinking that there is a sense of poetic justice here. if i waited until the last minute to send my application in (and btw, helped very much by a 48-extension of the deadline due to an online app glitch !) i should probably be made to sweat it out before I'm let in :-)

i am going to take a day to recover and then chalk out a waitlist strategy. as the Yogi would say, "it ain't over 'til it's over".


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