Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Shoes - check

it's almost the 13th. when i wake up, wharton's results should be in. i actually feel very strange. it's some sort of subdued excitement. or maybe it's the cold i caught yesterday that's slowly developing into headaches and a fever. in any case, i think i am ready for a good night's sleep. come the AM, que sera sera.

on my way home this evening (after a quick pitstop at payless to buy a pair of shoes :-) i was thinking back upon this entire experience and what i could have done different or better. i realized that it's very easy to go down a list - apply R1, write earlier essays, better anticipation of what schools want etc - but if i had to do it over again, i probably would make the same mistakes. i think it's just the way people operate. the key then is to really know oneself so that you can take a suitable route to the goal. i would attribute that to my having gotten to this point.

From my blog - November 20 :

Looking back - i started this blog Oct 19 and it's been a month and my applications haven't really moved an inch along ! It's obviously procrastination, but it's also my way of doing things. I find that I need the pressure to really get cranking on anything. It was the same with my GMAT. I had over a month to prep, but it was not until the last week that I picked up my books. I'm average with regards to everything else but I think I am clutch when the pressure is cranked up. I really need for the adrenaline to flow.

So, that's what it's come down to. One of my biggest challenges yet, I'm late and I am betting on what (I think :) I know about myself to pull it off. Doesn't get better than this. I'm really excited and looking forward to December

well, december's turned to may, but i'm still standing. I've taken a few hits, but have kept the faith and trudged along. i am just as confident about my abilities and potential on the last day of the admission season as I was on the first. For any potential applicants considering b-school who may look at this long journey with no results to show for yet and be discouraged, I give you this little conversation from Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist:

"But I have no idea how to turn myself into the wind"
"If a person is living out his destiny, he knows everything he needs to know. There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure"
"I'm not afraid of failing. It's just that i don't know how to turn myself into the wind."
"Well, you'll have to learn. Your life depends on it."
"But what if I can't."
"Then you'll die in the midst of trying to realize your destiny. That's a lot better than dying like millions of other people, who never even knew what their destinies were."

Looking back, it has been a glorious six months. I have learned a lot about myself and what I want to do. I honestly believe I am a better person today for having gone through the process. But, it's past. And I can't wait for tomorrow to bring its surprises.

buenas noches, el mundo.



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