Friday, May 21, 2004

Off to London

things mostly went according to plan today. visa came in at 10:30. snappy haircut at noon. picked up laundry at 1:00. packed and back to work by 2.

the Y is all booked up, so called the friend and it's going to be couch-time. no issues. i may also hit up my sis' bro-in-law for sunday night. i really hate to pile on others but given the circumstances, it's OK. should remember to take my hosts out for a nice dinner or something.

i was planning to meet the Adcoms on monday and wrote to a couple of them requesting appointments but for some reason they are out of office that day. but they will be in force saturday so i hope to get some face-time.

also talked with a buddy of mine from college to write me a recommendation. my career goal is to be an entrepreneur but i've only had big company experience in the recent past. i think i may not have sufficiently demonstrated my entrepreneurial instincts in my essays. but this guy and I worked on starting a company a few years ago, and he can also attest to my work starting up a placement department in college. plus he's an MBA himself and can add a personal touch to how I could benefit from the degree. he's enthusiastic about writing the reco. need to send him my essay, resume and goal statements this weekend and we should hopefully have something crafted and mailed before the end of next week.

i am also thinking about writing an additional essay-type letter touching on aspects that the application essays did not cover and which could help give an extra dimension. i will do that after the Open Weekend so that I could also relate to my experiences there and why(if) i think i would be a good fit. Will work on it on the plane ride back. Also need to update the folks about the change in my salary situation with my performance appraisal and hike.

leave BOS : 7:30 PM
arrive LHR : 6:55 AM
registration : 9:00 - 9:30 AM
breakfast : 9:35 AM with welcome speech by Dean Laura d'Andrea Tyson.
fun : rest of the day.


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