Thursday, May 20, 2004

go East young man. one step at a time.

looks like the stars are aligning one by one to make the trip to Open Weekend at LBS a reality.

just called the visa agent and the visa has been approved today ! yippee ! it's in the mail and should get here between 10 and 10:30 tomorrow.

the Y hasn't gotten back to me about a room to stay yet. will call them first thing tomorrow AM. but, as a backup, i called a hiker who I met in Lima and she's offered the use of her couch. as a backup to the backup, turns out my sister's brother-in-law lives in London too. i should really know this, but my sis isn't mad that she had to remind me. she knows me very well :-)

aregon23 - thanks for the note, "you want to look like success to attract it" - dropped off my suit and shirts at the dry cleaners. pick up tomorrow.

i also need to get a haircut. called tuesday and my hairdresser is booked solid until noon tomorrow ! i could go elsewhere but she drives a Vespa. wait, that doesn't make sense - but pretty much nothing else does either ;-)

so, plan for tomorrow - go home at noon and get a haircut, pick up my laundered clothes, pack and back to work. helps that the salon and laundry are right outside my doorstep.

a BIG thanks to britchick - you are a lifesaver. it never occured to me to check the train repair info. lots of lines are closed saturday. i think i'm just going to hop onto the Heathrow Express. a tad pricey, but I love it, took it on my way out of the City the last time. and i didn't know about the test match. i might go hang out at Lords for a bit sunday, should be cool. also got me-self a Flying Club membership.

i'm so tired but this day's not over yet. got a ton of stuff to finish up at work, just hope i can get a good night's sleep tonite. i really can't sleep on planes, especially if they have seatback TV's.


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