Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Change is in the air

this change in my blog template sure was prescient !

i just had a meeting with my boss and i need to officially look for a new job ! i am not being fired or anything but we are having a change of project priorities and i don't fit in the downsized plans for my current project, which actually is a good thing, and so I will have to find another position inside the company. my managers are going to do everything they can to help all of us in this position find appropriate work. nonetheless, it's a big thing. gives me the goosebumps actually. i have never been put in a position like this before.

to balance this out, i also got the good news that i have been rated among the better performers in the company and also got a much-above-company-average pay hike. my manager assured me that they would do all they can to find someone like me a challenging role that fits my caliber, but there is always the risk this may not happen. we'll see how this goes.

the one upside is that if i get into b-school, i don't have to leave on any bad terms. maybe in that sense this is a good thing ... my path is being slowly shown to me ? 36 hours more and we'll know.
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