Monday, April 26, 2004

A no-interesting-title post

It's been a mixed kinda weekend. I had a friend visit from out of town and had a really great time until sunday evening. Finally saw Master and Commander, liked it a lot. Then stepped into work at around 4 PM yesterday to check up on something and stuff was in worse shape than expected and ended up cooped up in the lab until 1 AM. Dinner was an exquisitely microwaved bag of popcorn. With Diet Pepsi, of course.

Has anyone tried the Chinatown bus service ? It's 10 bucks from Boston to NewYork. Chinatown to Chinatown each end. And it's fast too. Has been an exact 4 hours everytime I've taken it. My friend took the same this time and man, they sell out so fast. And, they have buses leaving on the hour. What's interesting is that each driver updates the others on traffic conditions as they drive so that if there's bad traffic the others can take alternate routes. Add the Jackie Chan inbus entertainment and this is one awesome deal.

I was reading ClearAdmit's blog today and came across a post on Wharton's interviews. One of the big things they apparently look for :
Does the candidate have reasons for the choices they have made in life? In other words, can the applicant explain why they attended school 'x', why they pursued a certain course of study, why they took their first job, why NOW is the best time for the MBA, why they are passionate about the activities they participate in, etc.

I thought this was the best thing about my interview, 'goal articulation', as they call it. Something to cheer me up, though it really means nothing. The waiting game continues ... 24 more days.


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