Wednesday, April 28, 2004

loose rocks

There are those days when you're out trying to tackle a challenging climb; envision a route, start out cautiously and finally find your stride. And suddenly a hold comes loose and down you go. Out of the blue. These things are par for the course but usually novice climbers (like myself) don't realize they are until they happen.

I'm feeling pretty low today. Feels like I've hit one of those loose rocks on this seemingly impossible climb towards an MBA. The anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that R3 this year is a lost cause. I was talking with a friend from Tuck who said that they are having serious problems with their R3. Apparently, the acceptance rate has been much higher than expected leaving virtually NO spaces either for R3 or R2 waitlists. Today, a fellow R3 applicant to Wharton said that, according to information gleaned by friends from a 2y on the Wharton AdCom, the very same thing is happening at Wharton. Rumor has it that there will be NO acceptances from R3 or R2 waitlists. Given that tomorrow is the last day for R1 and R2 folks to accept, I'm sure they already have a very good idea of this. Also, the forums and s2s seem to be down today, so there's no place to go vent. I really hope Alex & Co. give us some information about the number of acceptances after the deadline passes tomorrow.

Now, none of this is fact, but in this era of information flow, it couple be pretty close to the truth. Don't want to think that my chances may have gone from around 20-odd percent to near zero. Damn. I was reading my archives over the weekend and my happiest post was the day I got my invite from W. 'Is that a light at the end of the tunnel ?' i asked half-jokingly. Right now, it feels like it I went closer to check it out, and got slammed by an oncoming train.


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