Wednesday, April 14, 2004

LBS email

Dear Future MBA,

If you are still interested in pursuing an MBA beginning in September 2004, we would like to remind you that our final (Stage 4) application deadline is 17.00 (London time), Friday 30 April 2004.

WTF ? that was a scare, until I realized it was some sort of mass-mailing :-) :-)

The one interesting piece of information in there was :

Vacancies still exist for applicants in Stage 4. At London Business School we aim to admit the best quality candidates, not just the earliest candidates to apply. In order to maintain our unique international and professional diversity, a proportion of places are always reserved for the final stage; last year, some 45 of our current class of 300 students were admitted in Stage 4.

wow - 15% of the class in R4. that's some odds. So, if anyone out there is reading this and still needs options for this year, you should probably consider London Business School. 15 days is more than enough time to write 3 500-word essays.



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