Monday, April 26, 2004


Should I believe in jinxes ?

It was brought to my notice that there may be a certain inherent jinxing pattern at work in my application progression. And upto this point, it's hard to argue with. Every school I have visited, I have been dinged !!

For my second round applications, I visited Tuck, MIT and HBS before my applications, and Kellogg for an interview. All dings. For the third round, I did NOT visit Wharton and LBS prior to my applications - and voila - interview invites from both.

Now's the interesting part. After my invite, I visited Wharton to interview and was hoping to visit LBS also to interview. Karma stepped in and LBS setup my interview in Boston so I'll have one school that I will NOT have visited come decision day. According to this theory, I will be denied at Wharton while being accepted at LBS. Given that i've applied R3, not an entirely undesirable outcome :-)


So, should I believe in jinxes ? hell, if it's gonna get me thru the next three weeks, I'll believe anything. Jinxes included.


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