Thursday, April 22, 2004

A fitting end to the game of Hide and Seek ?

I've been living, like many other applicants I presume, a kind-of double life at work the past few months. Only a couple of people know I am applying to B-school and I am trying hard to stay motivated while spending a lot of time thinking about essays and applications. In an ideal situation, the only way others would find out would be when I told them I was leaving if I was admitted. If not, things would go on as usual. I'm down to one last interview, and things have gone to plan for the most part. But, now there seems to be an end game in sight that I couldn't have scripted better if I had tried. And, I'm not making this up.

I got an email from London Business School yesterday with the contact info of my alumni interviewer. I had asked to interview in London but seems like that's a hard thing for them to accomodate. So, my interview is going to be in Boston. And the person I am supposed to interview with works in the building bang opposite my office !!! There is no way I can walk in a suit unnoticed into and out of that building. And news like this spreads like wildfire in my workplace. There seems to be at the very least one of my smoker colleagues at any given time outside the building. Haven't emailed the interviewer yet, so not sure if we will meet in his office. Even if we do a coffee shop thing, the only place is round the corner and there are always people from work hanging out there. So, it looks like I may be outed. Don't know if/how I should bring this up with the interviewer. Any thoughts ?

man, in some awkward way, this is cool.


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