Friday, April 30, 2004

A beautiful day

It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do to dispel all the worries of the previous day. A couple of quirky things happened yesterday. I have about a 10 minute drive to work. On the way in to work AND on the way back, I heard the same song on the radio - beautiful day ! what's the probability of that happening. And I wanted to get some frozen pizza before I got home at around 2AM. As I was walking to the ATM, i was thinking about an ATM theft that happened someplace a few weeks ago. I got to the machine and as I was looking around waiting for the machine to part with the cash, I noticed what I could swear looked like dried blood on one of the ATM's. OK, maybe it was just spilled tomato juice but it sure was freaky.

It's absolute silence on my London interview front. The alum interviewer has not replied to my email yet. Need to draft a friendly reminder today. May be going to NYC to see Bombay Dreams tomorrow, I've heard it's really good.

Have a nice, warm weekend.


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