Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Actual Application Essays

A few bloggers have posted their essays for the 2004 applications. Here are some links I could find. I hope the authors don't mind my linking to their work. All my essays will be up soon, once I get my W/LBS results. I could post the others but I would just rather have closure on the process before I do so.

Haas : If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be ? Chunky

Haas : If you could have dinner with one individual, past or present, who would it be ? why ? Chunky

Chicago : Why are you seeking an MBA ? What are your plans and goals after you receive your degree ? Chunky

Chicago : You find yourself on an elevator with the dean of Chicago GSB. Please tell him why this is the right school for you and what you hope to contribute to the school if admitted. 3app, Chunky

Chicago : If you could be present at any event in time, what would it be and why? 3app, Chunky

Chicago : Youv'e been given $1 million to set up a philanthropic organization. What would it support and why. Chunky

Stern : Creatively describe yourself to your MBA classmates. 3app

NCSU : Indicate your reasons for wishing to undertake graduate study, your reasons for choosing the NC state MBA program, and your career goals. Peter

NCSU : What do you consider your primary strengths? To meet your career goals, what additiona skills, knowledge and/or personal attributes do you need to develop. Peter

NCSU : What would you like the admission committee to know about that may not be reflected in other parts of this application? Peter

Fuqua : Outside of your professional persona, who are you? Please note this essay is intended to get a sense of your personality and potential contribution to the Fuqua culture. (Limit response to 750 words, double spaced) Chunky

Also found a link on Catharine's website where she says that if you ask really nicely and explain (in an essay I presume :-), sorry catherine couldn't resist) how/why you could benefit from them, she'll provide access to them.

I'm sure the next round of applicants will benefit from the generosity of the bloggers who have posted these.
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