Monday, March 22, 2004

Wharton app goes complete

Just received an email from W that they have received all my application materials and the application is complete for Round 3.

I was in NYC over the weekend and made a last-minute plan to skip work and go to Philly today to check out W and sit in on a class. But a lot of things conspired, not the least among them a lack of presentable attire :-), to bring me back to chilly boston. It was probably not such a good idea in the first place to drop in on a whim. I will probably get there either this friday or next monday with a little more planning.

And, what's it about Wolverines ? First it was Tad Holbie, now it's TechieDude. They seem to disappear from the blogging world once they know they are going to root for the Maize and Blue. just kidding. good luck at Michigan, Techie. It has been great sharing your experiences through the application process and I wish you the best for your two years at school and your career beyond. I'll root for you except on the days of Michigan-Penn State games. Like they say in Happy Valley, God must be a Penn State fan, why else would he make the sky blue and white :-)

And talking about Michigan, congratulations to FMgirl. that was awesome getting a consortium scholarship, a free ride thru b-school is sweet. And good luck on the impending W decision this week.

I have this strange feeling that nothing else really matters anymore except W. I'm not sure if I should be thinking along those lines. But, in writing my essays I have discovered a path through W that makes the most sense for me. I hope I was able to articulate that in a compelling way. I'll know pretty soon.


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