Thursday, March 18, 2004

there must be a god, no ?

I've had such a miserable day today. I had my essays for Wharton reviewed by my reviewer friend and ready this AM but an email snafu kept them from getting to me before 4. At that time, I had to go to a crisis meeting at work that went on well until after 5, the deadline for W. Came back and scrambled to get all the stuff in, and realized that I had misplaced my wallet, to pay the 200 bucks. 10 minutes spent frantically searching my messy surroundings and I found it. It was finally six by the time I submitted. As I was doing my status check, noticed that a recommender hasn't turned in his recommendation. nothing i can do about it, so clicked submit.

Went over to my email to check if W has accepted the application, and there was a status check message from Kellogg. Y'all know what that means - my K dreams have come to an end. After evaluating my application on a laundry list of attributes, the good folks at Evanston decided that I am not good enough. Man, just the very actual minute I am about to breathe a sigh of relief at having finished the application process for the year, I get slammed by this news. C'mon, have some mercy, whoever it is that's incharge of these karmic events.

I put a ton of effort into W after the Tuck ding and I really believe I have my strongest application yet ... and i'm late and my recommender bails. damn.

It has, however, been an excellent time for Harry Potter, who just got his first admit - to Fuqua, and FM girl - who's been accepted at Stern. Chunky got the WL again, this time from Duke, but i'll tell u partner, that's better than this. these fucking dings hurt big time.


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