Wednesday, March 17, 2004

taking a break

the W application has me exhausted. i've not really made the progress I've wanted to, though four essays are done and off to be reviewed. two more remain to be finished up, including essay one. the main culprit is work. well, maybe it's a good thing. i've realized, as i've blogged before, that i've neglected work over the past few months due to the concentration on my applications. now i'm getting back into stride, big time. a week more of 16-hour days and i should be back roaring :-)

it's also kinda sinking in that there may be a good chance that i might not get in anywhere. nope, not being pessimistic here, just realistic. i know i've had only one result thus far, but haven't heard from HBS and MIT about interviews which is not a good sign, and after Tuck realize that my late-written essays might come off as such and that's a bad thing. i got an email from an ex-boss today who's the VP at a start-up and just realized that i missed a call from another ex-boss who's just been promoted to CEO at another start-up. the latter was directly about a couple of positions at his firm. i've also been toying with the idea of saying sayonara to the States and going back to India if this doesn't pan out. at this point, i'm not sure i'm going to reapply. also found out, inadvertantly, that if I just went and did what I'm doing now at our India office, i would earn more than what an MBA from the India School of Business earns upon gradution. hmmm ... but of course it's not about the money and i would never have the opportunities that an MBA would open up.

so, it's going to be an interesting few weeks. i should hear from all schools by the first week of april, LBS interviews are due to be announced april 9 and wharton invites start to go out march 31, that is if my recommender can get his recommendation in time and my application is accepted.

i have a funny feeling today. it's probably the last night i'll work on MBA essays and while I am eagerly waiting for this to end so I can finally assemble my Lego Sopwith Camel, i also want to give these essays my best damn shot. I'm also going to start posting my essays once i hear from all my schools. copyrights be damned, i wrote those essays, they are mine :-)


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