Wednesday, March 31, 2004


no alarm needed today. Up at 8 and I can feel the twitching in my fingers before I can even get to the computer. First up, forums and s2s. then the blogs. email. the now-familiar spike in heartrate during the few seconds it takes netscape to open. nada. sigh. do it all over again.

right ahead are possibly the longest 10 days for me. my expectation is for the Wharton invite. i remember reading earlier on W's site that they start today and go on until April 14th, but the Angel of Mercy Alex said today that they will be done sending out invites by April 8. wow, that's fast. he also said that they have 600 applications for R3.

i'm getting a good feeling about this. the pool in R3 is generally weaker than the previous two rounds given that almost all of the stars are already in. i actually think my application for R3 is STRONGER than my R2 applications. last year, W had approximately 800 applications in R3 and admitted 67, including those off the waiting lists. this year, the expectation was that more spots would be open due to the downward pressure on R1 app volume, numbers being bandied about were in the 100 range. of course, Alex refused to divulge exact number of open spots saying that it was too late in the process and they don't do it. fair enough, and it was great that he shared the R3 application numbers. this amount of transparency is ridiculous. in a very good way, of course.

ok, back to step 1. BWforums ...


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