Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Received confirmation from LBS that application is being considered for round 3. that's a relief. Their confirmation emails tell me that I have two more weeks to mail my transcripts etc. But, due to large volume of applicants they can not confirm/deny if they have received additional materials and applications will be reviewed with whatever they have. Ah, well. My stuff should hopefully all be in there by now. The next step is an interview invitation that is sent out on April 09th. If you don't get to interview you are out.

So, it's waiting time now. I'm not getting stressed much, but there is one reason I want to hear something from at least one school. Validation. I somehow just felt that I was good enough to be at one of the better schools. I need to know if I was right or wrong - either way.

And a shout out to Joey - he's gotten an interview invite for Harvard to go with his Kellogg admit. Congrats mate, and good luck with the interview.
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