Wednesday, March 10, 2004

K dreamin', MBAadvice

I need my dreams. Not the dreams I dream when I sleep kind, but vivid daydreams. Thoughts that take me someother place in the middle of a day. I haven't had a lot of those in a while, maybe because i haven't had a lot of time. The process is simple. A random thought pops up in my head and then i spend hours constructing a story around it, sometimes days. The thing is, at the end of it I am invigorated. Yeah, i know, i'm kinda screwed-up.

I had one of those today. I was taking a cab into work thinking of the meeting I was going to be late for, and all of a sudden i started to think about naming a building after my mom's email id ! one thing led to another, and the building's going to be built on the field next to Kellogg's main building. it's going to be a center for entrepreneurship and designed by Santiago Calatrava. I can already see a soaring bird-like structure !! dunno what to make of it except that it probably has to do with my growing sense of optimism that K will, for unfathomable reason, accept me.

If it does, or for that matter anybody else, I will be able to contribute constructively to the excellent effort started by Techie, Trip and Mark to pool the collective wisdom of the bloggers from the 2004 admissions class. A new website, hosted by Trip, will soon be the authoritative source of information for preparing a successful application, and how not to, to a top MBA program. I must sound like one of those TV ads, but the advice is based on the personal experiences of kick-ass people who have been accepted at the best business schools in the world. I think there is one thing that is going to be absolutely fabulous about this website - any book you pick up gives you one author's voice, but this is going to be the collective voice of several.

You will find in there Joey who has, in addition to his Kellogg admit and HBS interview, just been accepted to Michigan ! Way to go, Joey. Mucho congratulations.


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