Friday, March 19, 2004

It's almost spring !

thanks everyone for your kind comments. i guess the thing that got me off was the timing of the K ding more than the ding itself. wasn't even thinking about it when i got it. anyways, it's past. and so's the winter. spring's going to be here soon and i can't wait. though i absolutely love the snowy winters, it can get to be a bit much in the northeast.

on the app front, nothing new (read: no new dings :-) to report, except that my recommendation for Wharton made it in last night. I guess my recommender thought last night was the deadline. waiting to hear from W about consideration for R3, i think it should be OK. Interview invites start trickling out March 31 ending April 14. I'm not put my life on hold anymore waiting for that. if it happens, it happens. I read a few hours after my last blog that Chunky, of the Pitbull fame, was accepted at Haas ! Way to go man, so you going there or still gonna wait on other waitlists ? Many congratulations !

off in a couple of hours to NYC for the weekend to meet up with some friends from my high school bad boy days. should be fun. while i'm there, might try to invoke some good FMgirl-type karma by shopping for a new pair of shoes :-)

have a nice weekend.


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