Friday, March 12, 2004

Does every post need a title ?

I went for a long walk after hearing the Tuck decision and met up with some friends for dinner. Everything seems the same all around. The drivers in Boston still drive like crazy. Winter's ending and Spring's in the air. The dude at the corner still wants a dollar from me. I still have a great time with my friends as usual. Yet, something's different. I failed at something I worked very hard for. There's a voice inside me which reasons that it was an application that was denied and not me, yet asks if I was really good enough to be accepted at Tuck. Another questions if I am good enough for any business school.

Tuck was my best application yet. Yes, I did bring it down to the wire. Mistake. I did not write several versions of the essays and get them reviewed by several people as I had wanted to. Mistake. But I did not go in blind. I planned for it for months. I learned about the school from a current student who's my friend from high school. I met his classmates. Visited campus, stayed in the dorms, sat in classes. Decided to apply only after I felt this school was right for me. And I was sincere about every single word I wrote in my essays. It was completely my work, a recounting of my successes and an admission of my failures. I spelled out my dreams, my ambitions, and why I want to be a part of Tuck.

But, evidently, it was not enough. I trust that the admissions committee found candidates more capable, more interesting, and more desirous of Tuck than me, and I wish the entire incoming class well. I loved the place and am sad that I will not be able to spend time there. While the sadness will linger, and I think it should as a reminder of all my efforts, I'm done pondering about this.

I will move on. I fucking very well will.


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