Sunday, March 14, 2004

and so we fight back ...

Sorry for the radio silence. This has been a busy weekend.

But first, a big Thank You to everyone for your words of encouragement. Just want y'all to know I appreciate them very very much.

I had a "damn the niceties, lay it out for me" post-mortem with a Tuckie. He was as surprised as I was about the result, given that he had also put in his personal recommendation for me. He thinks that the biggest culprits were applying in R2 and being from the Indian engineer pool, both made acute with Tuck with its very small class size. Among the essays, hethinks the biggest problem may be with the why MBA, why Tuck essay. It was also great to talk to him for just the talking to someone thing. He had applied to six schools last year and was rejected from everyone except one. These things have a way of working out. Thanks dude, points very well taken and appreciated. Somebody else I talked with hinted at yield management, but I think that argument is the recourse of the weak. No siree bob, it was a Ding. Let's leave it at that.

In some sense, this may be a blessing in disguise because I am now totally focussed on my remaining application, Wharton. I have gone into overdrive with my research about the school, revisiting everything I've gleaned until now. The first essay has to be a home run, so i've decided to rewrite it from scratch in a much more personal voice. Having relooked at all my other essays, I realize that I may have been using a few too many generalities. This one's not, i mean NOT, going to be compromised. Also, there is NO way I can push this out to the last minute. Tomorrow is my deadline to complete the entire application. Other than essay 1, I have four essays already written that need pruning to fit word counts, and one 250-word weakness in my application essay to work on. I have ideas for that, needs wordsmithing. While on this subject, a shout-out to Trip, who's also furiously working on essays. G'luck partner, hope you get through the week without too many scars. BTW, your competition to Stanford just got reduced by one.

Yup, after some careful thought, I have decided not to apply to Stanford. I've already blogged about the slim chances of making it there, and given that so many techies apply there, I don't think I can stand a chance there unless i've taken a company IPO or something. Well, maybe not that bad, but it was more of a practical decision. If I split time between S and W this week I stand a good chance of ending up sub-par on both. And given that W may have a decent number of R3 spots open this year, is much more Indian-friendly, and has essays that I can fit my experiences into, Stanford is a no-go.

Save the last dance for me, Wharton.


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