Thursday, February 19, 2004

'You have no new mail'

i have gotten NO new emails all this week. it's a very strange thing, logging in and not seeing any change, it's like everything has come to a standstill. I can understand HBS wanting to make me wait, but what happened to the spammers of the world. somebody. c'mon ppl, it's not like i suddenly don't need to meet hot women or require enlargements of certain parts of my anatomy. well, maybe I don't .. but I digress.

I still have a long wait ahead, but it's D-Day for Wharton applicants - LuvShack, Trip, Techie and Naveen. Good luck guys, really hope you get the call today.

And we are approaching another application deadline, London is next week. Y'all know what that means - it's time for PowerYogi's adrenaline fix :-) I am having trouble with getting recommendations. And it's complex, related to planning for what we are going to do six months down the line. My managers want to know if I am going to be around or not, and I got an 'another school ?' look when i broached the subject. I have to go down on my knees, spit-polish their shoes, and do a little worship ritual on the ground they walk today. Hopefully they don't mention the little spot I missed on my reco.

ah, one more thing - The Carp had a comment on his blog that he had issues with reading comments on my page. C -> I didn't realize that this was a problem. I actually use a Mac and am sensitive to these compatibility issues. Used to be a webmaster for a university and spent many nights making javascript work the same on IE and Netscape. I use Safari and I guess that's why I've never had this issue before. I changed my comments provider once because I used to have similar issues as you, but Safari hasn't complanied since. sorry 'bout the mess mate.


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