Sunday, February 29, 2004

Why me, Lord ?

OK, so my London plans were foolish. Things didn't work out exactly as I thought they would. Work kept me from getting anything done on the essay the whole day thursday. So I spent the time on the flight outlining it. Got to my crappy hotel and - drumroll - the internet connection wouldn't work ! Spent an hour following instructions from the front desk - plug the thing that goes into your laptop into the laptop and reboot - to no avail. Upon closer inspection I realized that there was some sort of router/hub thing that was not powered up. Plugged it in and I was finally ready to start working again. At 11 PM.

Status at 5 AM was that I was very close to falling asleep, application materials completed, two essays done, and the third half-done. And I had to get to K at 8:30 for a class visit. So plans were to upload everything I had, and maybe find a starbucks after my K interview and finish up essay 3 later in the afternoon. But as I started to upload my essays, the embark system crapped out on me and nothing would get uploaded. I shot off emails to LBS and Embark and went to bed.

Woke up around 9, so class visit plans were a no-go. Tried uploading again but same errors. No response either from LBS or Embark. So, end of road for that app. Decided to upload stuff sometime over the weekend and let the dice roll. Off to Kellogg for my interview - I thought it went really well. {details in next blog} So well I decided to stop thinking about LBS and spend the whole day at K. Went to another class, info session, and tour. I wish I could stay for their TGIF thing but had other places to go.

So I check my email next day. LBS replies that it is embark's problem and that i should keep trying at different times of the day and night until it works. They MAY accept late entries but it will be on a case-by-case basis. And Embark replies that they've gotten a ton of shit for this and that LBS has decided to extend the deadline to monday for embark applicants. Suddenly, having two online applications doens't seem like a bad idea :)

So, I'm back in the game. But, it makes me wonder, why this stroke of luck ?


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