Saturday, February 21, 2004

Saturday morning laziness

This is just plain stupid. Yahoo has a new search engine, they booted google. Just noticed that a search for 'futurembagirl' gives me EXACTLY one result - this blog :-) :-) I don't get it, what are they feeding them in their cafeteria. Played around a little bit more and the searches are so off-target its not even funny.

The email drought is over. Since my last posting I've had a slew of emails come my way - I've gotten stuff from Tulane, U Akron, LBS, Marlboro College and Willamette about their MBA programs. I actually read all of them for a change.

But the email I'm waiting for hasn't arrived. The first week of HBS invites has passed. This is the first 'decision' i'm waiting for and the first few days I would check the BW forums and my email constantly, didn't want to be left out of the party. But now i'm back to routine, check email only oh 10 times a day.

Want to do some work on my London essays but it will have to wait another day. More important matters at hand today - a party at my place. Oh, seems so long ago that I last had some fun.


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