Thursday, February 26, 2004

Now, THIS is fun.

I have London due tomorrow and a Kellogg interview also tomorrow. Holed up in meetings till 8 last night, and at work now. Working on one essay now. Hopefully will be done by around 2 PM or so. Then polish up my second essay before I leave and at the airport. Required reading on the flight is about the historical event I would like to be involved in. got to find that damn paperback. Just changed my hotel to one with broadband access, get there, finish up that essay and submit. Wake up tomorrow in a Kellogg frame of mind, think about interview questions, attend a class, think some more about them questions and go rock the interview. Sounds like a plan huh :-)

It is at times like this that self-doubt sneaks in. Why the fuck am I even doing this. I mean, seriously, people who have spent weeks and months on their essays are finding it hard to make it to schools. And I somehow think a rush job is going to make me even competitive ? I had a dream two nights ago. I was skydiving and my parachute wouldn't open. I finally get it open and I'm way too close to the ground and my instructor's screaming that I'm going to die, but I manage to maneuver to glide for a while until my speed's down and I land. Super A+ landing. I guess I'm still a kid at heart, I don't really know what's not possible. Well, maybe I do but I don't want to believe it. Maybe at the end of this process I will be forced to. That would be sad.

Mixed news on the blogger front. LuvShack was denied an admit by Duke. Sorry to hear that mate, good luck on Columbia. But, MIT's getting with the program and finally discovered that the world's ga-ga over Harry Potter. After Waitlisting HP for the first round, he has an invite to interview in Mumbai. Good luck, Harry.


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