Sunday, February 01, 2004

Monday Morning Blues

"Interview Off-Campus" was the subject. The mail was from "notification@mail...". That was the truncated sender address my email viewer would show. I actually hesitated a minute before opening the email. I had not scheduled any off-campus interviews ... could this be an MIT or HBS invite ? Can't be, because I live in Boston !

Double Click. Mail opens. It's indeed an invite for an off-campus interview.

From a school I haven't applied to ;-) ;-)

That was a laugh, a kinda nice way to start my monday morning. This was from one of those no-name schools that pick up your email address from GMAC.

Woke up at 6 AM to watch the Super Bowl, it's live on ESPN here in India. Was watching Janet Jackson at half-time when all of a sudden the screen went blank, and it stayed blank. Turns out the local cable provider had a power outage. I had to rely on a friend in the US send me updates by SMS :-)

Go Pats !


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