Monday, February 16, 2004

Got the 'Information for Round II candidates' email from Sloan. Again, one of those heart-rate-increase-inducing emails. This was an email indicating that they have everything required, my app is on time, and has been prepared for review and sent off to the admissions folks. I can only hope mine's not the first to be read after some adcom's bad date. They also said that interview invites will start going out starting LATE february, so two more weeks of peace.

I have made a new resolution. No more checking anything related to my applications when I am at work. No email, no blogs, no BW forums. I have come to realize that the last few months have affected my productivity at work and am placed in the unusual position of having to fight for my turf. Have overlooked certain subtle developments that I would not normally have. I also have to think about the realistic scenario - what if i don't get in anywhere ? My job is what I have and it's stupid to let it get affected.

Heard yesterday that a chinese applicant i sort-of know with a very similar background and credentials as mine has been rejected from HBS and placed on a waitlist at Sloan. I also think Sloan is where I have a fighting chance, so I'm glad I worked hard on that application. HBS invites should start trickling out this week, but I'm not stressing out. Higher on my priority list is preparing for my Kellogg interview and my London application. Need to ask for recommendations today or tomorrow.

End of note. Off to work.


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