Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Back to Work

I'm just back from Pondicherry, a former French comptoir on India's east coast, where I spent a very relaxing weekend dreaming alternatively about being an explorer discovering new lands and a native fighting for freedom from these explorers-turned-conquerors. And the first thing I did on getting back to the office was check my email for an HBS invite ! I got the impression from the boards that invites may start going out this week based on historical data, but I guess the wait for the real wait may have to wait a few more days.

After a three week break from essay writing, I am getting back in the zone with London. Only three essays, 500 words each.
1. what will u be doing 5y from now, why, why LBS etc. Should be easier to answer because while I do have well-defined longer term goals, short term are more fuzzy. Fits in well with the actual question asked.

2. how are u going to contribute to LBS based on teamwork/leadership experiences. I have the experiences I am going to talk about, need to weave them into what I'll do at LBS. Needs more research into campus activities, clubs, class team structures etc so I can tailor my response.

3. what well-known historical event would you like to have been involved in, and why ? This is interesting. Strangely, I've been fascinated by one particular event for a couple of years now and I am now unable to think beyond that one for this question. I don't know why - anybody face similar issues when writing their essays ? I try to think about a number of other events that are filled with bs-material - but I keep coming back to this event of interest. So, I am now going to try and put words to why I wanted to be there. I think this is a better strategy than looking for an event that has many answers to the 'why' question and fitting myself in there.

Checked my email again - no invite yet. I HAVE to stop obsessing about this.


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