Thursday, January 08, 2004

The tears floweth ...

I was having trouble submitting my HBS app and it finally went thru at 5:03 ! Seems like I didn't make it to R2 ... HBS has a strict 5:00 PM deadline.

As I was sitting pondering my fate, i realized that there was a tear rolling down my cheek. And before I knew it I was crying. Hard. I couldn't stop, it was completely involuntary, from somewhere deep inside me. I haven't cried in like 5 years. I guess it was the disappointment coupled with all the hard work ...

The reason this blog has been quiet since Tuck is because I have been up 30+ hours straight working on my HBS application. I can't remember when I last slept, and haven't eaten since last night. I have poured my everything into these essays.

And I haven't even received a confirmation email from HBS.

Sorry for the rambling, in no state to blog.


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