Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Something's gotta go wrong. If it doesn't, then where's the fun in submitting an application, right ? If it's the Preview section one night, then it's a slow network the other.

I started working on the Sloan application just now, a full day and a half before it's due, filled in the first page of the applicant information section, saved it and ... kaboom ! I get an xml error and I cannot do anything anymore !!! The same error code appears regardless of which section of the application I want to work on. There is no help available for this problem in the tech help section, so now I am waiting to hear from their tech support, which I hope and pray has been outsourced to some country on the other side of the world so that somebody is awake at this for-us-ungodly hour and working on it ;-)

This is just too funny. Maybe it's karma. Maybe it's a lack thereof. I'm not stressing out though. I've gotten so used to living on the edge, in a manner of saying, in this entire application process. I've actually found it very hard to motivate myself to work on this app until sometime this evening. My essays are pretty bland. I will need the adrenaline rush induced by an approaching deadline to stir up those creative instincts.

ah well, still no reply to my problem and I desperately need to catch up on my sleep. g'night and sweet dreams everyone. except you tech support - get working on my case ;-)
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