Saturday, January 10, 2004

Ok, this one I refuse to take any blame for ;-)

Not the long post, but that I missed Kellogg.

By my standards, getting to the point of hitting submit 15 minutes before a deadline is smooth sailing. I was all set to experience it for the first time today, but trying to upload essays to Kellogg's website was such a crapshoot. First up, it was slow. That I had accounted for. But then, it would freeze. Everytime I tried to see a saved document or an uploaded essay. WTF ! I got my credit card payment in before the deadline but it was a full twenty minutes before the Part 2 was submitted.

ah well. you lose one, you win one. no tears today though. I think I have very good essays, the only weak one being the evaluate this essay question. I thought about creatively squeezing in extra information etc., but then said screw it and wrote it like it is.

That I'm da man ;-)

I just re-read it and I think that single essay carries ding potential. It doesn't add anything to the package, and pretty much says that i am a good candidate because i can work in teams, my motivations are in place, la-di-da, and super-whole-heartedly recommends me. My best hope is that this essay does not take anything away from the package. I am very satisfied with the rest of the essays.

Of course, this is moot if Kellogg decides to push me to R3. Hey, HBS extended their deadline by 30 mins, shouldn't Kellogg at least match them ;-)

Speaking of HBS, I ran into my new comrade-in-arms - KIPMBA on the BW boards again today. S/he beat me to the kellogg app today ! s/he only missed by 2 mins whereas i was late by 20. It was the other way around yesterday. I'm glad both of us made it to HBS. Oops, jumping a little ahead of ourselves aren't we Yogi - only the apps've made it that far. Yet.

{and KIPMBA, if you're reading - are you female ? And in the spirit of MBA applications, you only need to answer that if you are an American citizen. I only ask because i've never known a girl who was as last minute as I am.}

Just read what I wrote and I think it's time to stop and go to bed. I have a great sense of relief right now. No applications to think of this weekend. Got a couple to do next week but that's another story.

{if you are a kellogg adcom reading this, please please please consider me for round 2. please}


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