Saturday, January 17, 2004

Oh, what a glorious morning. The temperature is only around 20f, and it feels great after the -20f nights we've has in the Northeast the past week. I feel great too. I'm coming off one of the most bruising weeks ever at work. Bruising is a rough word but that's what it was. I am mentally exhausted from all the work and blowups and mishaps and manager-issues. But it's a new weekend and I'm going to put all of that behind me and concentrate on my last application for R2. MIT Sloan.

I haven't had a chance to actually work on any of my essays all week, so it has to be this weekend. I have learnt my lessons and am going to be methodical about this one. First up, lock down what MIT deems to be key qualities of its students, and how they tie into their essays. Then, layout the subject matter of the essays and take a birds-eye view of the application to make sure everything important is addressed. Attack the essays themselves infusing them with my personality and values.
Two things I have to make sure are watertight - the non-essay part of the application with work ex, ec's etc. Am going to spend a good amount of time on that. And the cover letter. This is the first thing Rod Garcia is going to read and I have to make an impact. The format of the MIT essays are very interesting. You have to make a case for why you want an MBA from MIT now in the cover letter. Then the rest of the essays are looking for behaviors exhibited in situations that MIT obviously feels are reflective of regular real-life situations leaders find themselves in. And every single essay asks for an example and how you behaved. These responses are also the basis for their behaviorial event interviews. Something to think about when answering them.

I am pretty sure I will be working thru to the deadline but am going to set goals that I will strive to meet, and track them on this blog (at least the shame of another bungled app should force me to work harder ;-) :
Today - overall plan and complete at least two essays.
Sunday - complete the cover letter and two more essays.
Monday - compete the last essay and application.
Tuesday - get everything reviewed and make changes.
Wednesday - last checks and submit.


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